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In Love & Cats - Episode 2 Recap

Episode 2: In Love & Cats

In episode 2 of Covered in Pet Hair with newlywed cat experts, John & Jess Bartlett, we get into how two separately cat-crazy people came together at a VIP Jackson Galaxy event, merged two multi-cat households, and are starting The Cat Lover's Academy while managing Whiskers at Home in Eastern Seattle alongside The Critter Room, which was named world's greatest time suck by Time Magazine.

Isabel goes deep into the logistics of keeping 9+ cats happy and all the accouterments they need. John and Jess share their favorite products and tips for raising their pets and offer pet parents lots of valuable insights into what they've mastered in over a decade of cat keeping.

To learn more about John & Jess, visit them at Cat Lovers Academy, Whiskers at Home, and The Critter Room. Whiskers at Home provides top-notch in-home cat sitting and cat training consultations in Eastern Seattle. Jess & her team of professional pet sitters will meet your cats' needs and exceed your expectations. I've known Jess since 2010 and can tell you that she's one of the best, most professional people I know in the pet care industry.

The featured drink, The Trillian, was created at the Kitten Cam Conference, which has viewers of The Critter Room from around the world meet up in Seattle each year. In 2016, they created this drink naming it after John and Jess' cat, Trillian, and her beautiful eyes.

The following products were recommended by Jess & John as staples in their multi-cat home. Please note that these are affiliate links and by clicking on them and purchasing items from this list, you are helping me bring you more awesome interviews in the future. I make a very small commission from the retailer at no cost to you.

Cat Toys

Go Cat Da Bird -

Go Cat Cat Catcher -

Go Cat Variety including duster -

Automatic Feeder

Pet Safe 5-Meal Feeder -

Heating Pads & Beds

K&H Heated Reversible Flat Cat Bed -

K&H Heated Heated Deep Profile Cat Bed -

K&H Self-warming Cat Bed -

Natural Scooping Litter

SWheat Scoop Litter -

SWheat Scoop Multi-Cat -

Watch Episode 2 here and please subscribe and hit the bell so that you're notified every time a new episode drops.

Thank you, John & Jess, for sharing a a drink, your expertise, and your 'love of cat' with me!


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