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Wedding Bells & Wagging Tails - episode 17 recap

Covered in Pet Hair - Episode 17 - Wedding Bells & Wagging Tails - an interview with a wedding pet attendant with do's and don'ts for couples planning their wedding

Watch the full episode here:

Drinking Game Word: Cakes

Jenorise Mejia, Founder and Owner of Winter Park Pet Concierge in Florida, isn't your average pet care business owner. She has a background in wedding planning and, in addition to managing her pet sitting/dog walking business, works as a wedding pet attendant, helping couples make their dream of involving their dogs in their special day a pleasant and memorable reality.

In this episode, Isabel and Jenorise play two wedding-themed games - "Marriage Matters" where they discuss common wedding traditions and "Yay or Nay - Wedding Edition" where Jenorise gives her input on ways that couples should and should not involve their pets in their wedding day festivities. Jenorise describes the role of a wedding pet attendant and shares scenarios that couples should consider before choosing a venue and a pet-related tradition for their wedding day.


I am Jenorise Mejia, the owner of Winter Park Pet Concierge and now iCare4Pets. It is exciting to bring iCare4Pets into our family. This all started back when I was a young girl and was convinced I was going to be a Veterinarian when I grew up. Being raised with Pit Bulls, Great Danes, Angora cats and a chicken named “Peck” fostered my love for animals.

At age 17, I spent nearly 400 hours volunteering at the Santa Monica Animal Shelter and at 19 began dog walking to raise money for missionary work. I continued walking dogs while I powered through over 20 years in the corporate banking industry. Most recently, I worked for a friend at a successful local dog walking company, but relocating to Winter Park gave birth to Winter Park Pet Concierge.

Through the years, I’ve cared for cats, dogs, turtles, ferrets, snakes, tarantulas, lizards and so many more; big, small, active, couch potatoes, young, old, dying and everything in between. All the purrs, barks, chirps, squawks, slithers and slobs have helped me grow even more in love with animals. They have changed my life and I want to give the pet owners my company services the resources they need for their pets. Click to learn more about our comprehensive resource team.

There is always a need for professional pet sitters. Covid-19 has changed so many things, but there is still a demand for excellent pet care. Along with former owner of iCare4Pet, Carrie Wallick, I co-founded Mid-Central Florida Professional Pet Sitters Network. This network allows pet business owners to refer new clients to qualified professional pet sitters in areas that we do not cover instead of simply telling them that we do not cover the area in which they seek service.

Away from work, I am a wife of 19 years and a mom of a super cool kid who just so happens to have autism. Learning to raise a child with autism has been one of the greatest learning experiences of my life. In 2013 I Co-Founded Putting the Pieces Together with another mother of a son with autism. It is a free non-profit support group for families with children and adults with special needs. It is a soft place to fall for families of every background who need support, resources and understanding without judgement.




The Alfond Inn, Winter Park - pet friendly inn


*Hyper Dog Flippy Floppy Frisbee:

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