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My Favorite Wine Subscription

Wine delivery has become so mainstream, it's hard to decide what makes the most sense. As a wine lover, I have tried various deliveries and was thrilled when I found If you're looking to gift someone (or yourself) a wine subscription, here are the top three reasons I LOVE being a "Angel."

Affordable Wine Subscription

I often buy bottles of wine at Costco. They have excellent affordable bottles for casual meals and gatherings. I particularly enjoy their Italian Pinot Grigio and New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, both with a Kirkland label and under $8. Costco also has high-end and unique finds for way more moolah. The top reason I like, however, is because their membership expertly blends affordability and distinction.

I pay $40 a month for my subscription and allow it to add up until I have enough to, at least, purchase a case. I find that it makes the most sense for me to order in bulk a couple of times a year, mainly before summer and during the holidays, without having to make a bulk investment. Because my bank account is debited monthly, I accumulate credit and can also take advantage of sales and promos when they pop up. I've ordered 15+ bottles of wine for less than $200 shipped. At about $13 a bottle shipped, their excellent wines from Europe, New Zealand, and the US can't be found in stores and are totally worth it. I enjoy the opportunity to taste and discover new favorites from their collection. Plus, you can't beat the convenience of getting unique wines shipped straight to your door.

Per, Angels can save up to 60% on every wine. By funding winemakers upfront, they say, costs like sales and marketing are reduced, and savings can be passed onto the customer. It also allows winemakers to focus on their craft, which yields better wines. I know that's right!

Flexible Wine Subscription

Another reason I love subscribing to is the flexibility the company has shown me. Last year, I wanted to cancel my subscription for a while because I was trying to save money and take a break from placing orders. When requesting my cancellation, I was offered to reduce the monthly contribution by 50%, which worked well for me. I was happy to see that the subscription was flexible when I needed it to be and could work with my budget and consumption.

Another awesome convenience of my subscription with is that, once I have accumulated a significant credit balance, I usually receive a call from an assigned representative that helps me place my order. I remember being super swamped in Christmas 2021. I had completely forgotten to replenish my wine stash even though I had family coming to town. I unexpectedly got a call from my assigned rep, I believe his name was Eric, who placed an order for me based on my previous favorites and general preferences. It was so nice to have a knowledgeable personal wine shopper. I love the ease of receiving a well-timed shipment with very little effort on my part. That said, I also love the ability to order online when I'm ready to do so, which offers me as well.

Unique Wine Subscription

Finally, many wine subscriptions focus on specific wine regions and distributors. works with independent winemakers directly and they have lots of unique contacts throughout the world. I have never seen any of the wines I purchase from them in stores.

In fact, I fell in love with one of their wines, their F. Steve Millier Petit Syrah from the Lodi region of California, near San Francisco. Having really enjoyed it, I wanted to learn more about the winemaker and their wines. I couldn't find much anywhere outside of the website. Now, I have an annual shipment of half a case of this wine because it's a family favorite. I think I pay $11 a bottle and always wow my guests with it. It's usually a crowd-pleaser, no matter the year.

Wine has been a very big part of my life because my family enjoyed wine with many meals when I was growing up. Our grandfather was from a lesser-known wine region in Spain and his grandfather was a "barrilero" or cooper, a craftsman that makes wine barrels.

I love being able to follow the winemakers and learn about them. To me, wine is akin to art. The artist is just as much a part of the experience of touring an art gallery. We learn their story, their process, and their passions.

When drinking wine that I have ordered as a Angel, I get to know the winemaker, their method, and any challenges they face. Such a fun experience and a great way to elevate my wine-drinking experience. That's why I became an affiliate with them years back and encourage you to use my affiliate links - posted throughout this post - to learn more. And use this link to purchase 6 bottles of your favorites for $34.99. I'll do the math for you, that's $5.80+ per bottle. And shipping is INCLUDED!!! Sorry, friends, this offer is only for new Angels. The rest of us already got our fantastic deal when we signed up.

I hope you enjoy as much as I have.

Here's to a life Covered in Pet Hair and toasting with good wine!


xoxo, Isabel


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