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Bye, 2020! - Episode 4 Recap

Episode 4 - Bye, 2020!

Former pet industry entrepreneur turned business coach, Lauren Heath, chats with Isabel about how Covid-19 obliterated her small pet care business in 2020, how she accepted the inevitable shift, and what she has planned for 2021 and beyond.

Lauren, a strong believer in the power of video, also discusses how pet parents can help small businesses by engaging with their social media, giving referrals, and reviewing their products and services.

Passionate about encouraging pet parents and business owners alike, Lauren is excited for the new year. She and Isabel toast to what's to come and emphatically say "BYE, 2020!"

To learn more about Lauren and how she helps small business owners across multiple industries, follow her on FB and IG @empathpreneurAnd, join her FB group for free social media tips, trainings & strategies:

Guest Bio

Social worker turned entrepreneur, Lauren Heath considers empathy to be her superpower. As the Empathpreneur, Lauren helps women grow their businesses by deepening connections with their audience through social media & video.Formerly the founder of Presidential Pet Care in Northern Virginia, Lauren lives to serve and shares her life with a dog named Bambi and two bonded feline brothers, Shia La Fluff and Anderson Pooper. Find them all on Instagram @Empathpreneur, @TheGreatBambinoDC, and @ShiaLaFluff.

Some of Lauren's favorite things:

For Humans

- not making her own cocktails

- cheap and available white wine


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