Witches Brew - Episode 6 Recap

Episode 6: Witches Brew

In Episode 6, Wendy Van de Poll, international best selling author, intuitive, and pet lover shares her fulfilling and successful life as an author, despite a misguided and cruel teacher's assurance that she could not make it as a writer. Her talent and hard work have yielded 23 books and 12 best selling titles across multiple genres, including pet loss and grief, entrepreneurship, and cozy mysteries for budding witches and hopeless romantics.

Wendy also discusses the many ways in which she helps aspiring authors take their stories from concept to reality. Well connected, experienced, and having made lots of mistakes along her indie publishing journey, Wendy offers rookie writers guidance based on her intuition, spiritual connection, and expertise. She is so keen on helping aspiring authors, in fact, that she created a promo for Covered in Pet Hair listeners and viewers that want to get clear on their future writing endeavors, whether in fiction and nonfiction, in genres ranging from urban fantasy, pets, erotica, and everything in between.

Guest Bio

Wendy Van de Poll is a twelve time (and counting) bestselling author, pet industry influencer, and animal advocate. She writes in both fiction and nonfiction She is a pioneer in the fields of pet loss grief, animal communication, and the human-animal bond. She is the the founder of CenterForPetLossGrief.com a premier website for those who are experiencing pet loss and WendyVandePoll.com.

With a Master of Science in Wolf Ecology, Wendy has run with wolves in Minnesota, been hissed at by a bobcat, and followed by a barred owl for over a mile with her dog Addie. She lives in New England with her husband, a ton of wildlife, and her doggo Ms. Addie Pants. She has appeared on many podcast, summits, and local television.

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