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Wash & Wear - Episode 11 Recap

In episode 11, Wash & Wear, Isabel interviews Brigette Cox of Classy Canine Daycare in Dallas, Texas. Being the first groomer to appear on Covered in Pet Hair, Isabel had a ton of questions for Brigette. She kept asking questions - even though she insisted each was "the last question, I promise."

Isabel and Brigette play This vs. That in which Isabel asks Brigette to choose between two fancy breeds, noting which is more difficult to groom and why. Brigette also gives Isabel tips on how pet parents can show their pets' coats, skin, and nails love between grooming appointments and what not to do when playing with pets to keep your pet's ears and groomer's fingers intact when it comes time for a haircut.



Brigette Cox is the Groomer and Salon Manager at Classy Canine Daycare in North Dallas, Texas. She got her start in the dog grooming industry as a groomer's assistant and worked her way up to the knowledgeable and compassionate grooming professional she is today over the course of 20+ years.

Mother of two older children, Myra and Grant, and pet parent to dogs, Ripple and Echo, cats, Zaq and Kale, and bearded dragons, Soup and Flapjack, Brigette is a loving care provider to her kids, her pets, and the pets she grooms. Currently specializing in grooming dogs of a vast array of breeds and ensuring that they respond well to their visit to the grooming studio, Brigette insists that pet parents and service providers alike should put the needs and comfort of the animal first.

In her spare time, Brigette does dog walking and pet sitting for a local pet care company and takes each and every opportunity available to share her love of dog. A believer in constantly learning her trade, Brigette attends courses and classes to advance her skills as often as possible.




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