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Vampire's Best Friend - Episode 14 Recap

In episode 14, Vampire's Best Friend, Isabel interviews Tim Mitchum, President of WINPRO Pet, makers of blood protein supplement chews for dogs.

Always a fan of a theme, Isabel invites Tim to play "Vampire Lies" while sipping a blood orange Flybird margarita. Tim enjoys a glass of Scout and Cellar Zinfandel while wondering if vampires really exist and what he's gotten himself into. The discussion centers around the simple yet fascinating science behind the health benefits of pig's blood protein for dogs, its origins in horse racing, and how it was discovered.

Isabel is already a fan of the brand. She learned about it from Scott J. Marshall II, her guest on episode 3, who cited WINPRO Pet as his all-time favorite pet product. She shares her dog, Titan's, progress since he started taking WINPRO's Mobility chew and thanks Tim and the team at WINPRO for giving her more walks with her beloved senior boy.

*** AFFILIATE LINK *** This video is not sponsored by WINPRO but I do have an affiliate link with them. If you purchase via the following link, I earn a small commission at no cost to you. These earnings help support me and this channel. Thank you!


WINPRO is a line of canine supplements made with K-THRIVE, a unique blend of animal blood proteins. These proteins promote healthy canine performance, physical stamina and mental focus—helping to boost immunity and optimize recovery from the negative effects of stress and inflammation. This is especially beneficial when your canine is hunting, working, competing or showing. But WINPRO is also great for family dogs that enjoy running, playing, swimming, snuggling marathons, digging to China, or perhaps chasing tennis balls like it’s their job. No matter the task, WINPRO can help your dog thrive and perform to his full potential!

GUEST BIO Tim Mitchum is a proven sales professional with over 17 years of experience selling to a range of clients from small business owners to C-suite executives. He excels in helping businesses enter new markets and become thriving business units. Tim is especially accomplished at converting prospects into clients and implementing systems and processes to continually fill the sales funnel, expand market research and scale growth. Tim received his Bachelor of Business Administration from Iowa State University in 1997 and has since received formal training in sales, prospecting and copywriting. Throughout his career in both sales consulting and business development he has helped businesses grow remarkably. Tim shares his life with his wife, Megan, two sons, Hayes and Boone, and considers himself the unofficial President of his neighborhood's nonexistent homeowners association.




- Scout & Cellar Clean Wine

- Paws & Pints in Des Moines, Iowa

- Hiking in La Quinta, CA

- Turner and Hooch, the movie


- WINPRO supplement chews (obviously) -

Some of the above links are affiliate links. By shopping via these affiliate links help support my channel at no cost to you.


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