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The Funky Bunch - Episode 9 Recap

Episode 9: The Funky Bunch

In Episode 9, The Funky Bunch, Isabel interviews a pet sitting, podcasting couple of parents, Collin and Meghan Funkhouser. These busy entrepreneurs sip sweet tea as they tell Isabel what it's like to raise humans while pet sitting, boarding dogs, and podcasting, how they got their start in the pet care industry, and why Meghan wasn't impressed with the music Collin chose for their podcast, Pet Sitter Confessional. Between laughs, Isabel plays "The Funky Bunch" and "Good, Bad, Helicopter" with these two expert pet and human parents.


Collin and Meghan Funkhouser, owners of Funky Bunch Pet Care, have offered in-home pet sitting and boarding services to hundreds of pet parents and busy families over the past decade. They have the joy of involving their two children in their family-owned and operated business while teaching them valuable lessons on how to properly greet and interact with the pets they board in the family home. Their beloved dachshund, Kobe, has been with them every step of the way, having joined this self-appointed "Funky Bunch" in Texas and following their journey back to Missouri where they currently reside.

With the goal of seeing passionate pet care providers well-equipped, plugged in to a community, and making an impact in the industry, Collin and Meghan host the Pet Sitter Confessional podcast. In partnership with Time to Pet pet sitting software, Pet Sitters International, Pet Sitters Associates pet sitting insurance, Pet Perennials bereavement service subscription, and other trusted sponsors, Pet Sitter Confessional is quickly becoming one of the most widely recognized and followed podcasts in the pet sitting industry. To learn more and to access past episodes, visit

With Pet Sitter Confessional, Collin and Meghan have embraced who they are and create a podcast that they love. They strive to be genuine and true to themselves, connecting with more listeners and avoiding burnout by creating content that reflects who they are and what's important to them while advancing the pet care industry with the many resources they share in the process.



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