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Poop & Plastic - Episode 13 Recap

Drinking Game Word: Landfill

In Episode 13, Poop & Plastic, Isabel interviews the self-appointed Poop Bag Girl, a woman that set out to make better poop bags and one-of-a-kind poop bag holders. A true expert in all things poop and plastic, Jennifer Blaese owns GreenLine Pet Supply. Jennifer and Isabel have a lot in common including their love of animals, concern for the environment, and penchant for discussing poop, an unavoidable topic in the pet care industry.

They play "Penchant for Plastic," a trivia game inspired by an quiz in which they lament the dire consequences of plastic use. They also play "Never Have I Ever, Poop Edition" in which she and Isabel come clean - pun intended - about their use of poop bags and judgment of pet parents that fail to pick up after their dogs in public. Jennifer explains what makes her poop bags actually biodegrade in a landfill environment and encourages pet parents to do what they can to keep the planet safe for humans and pets for generations to come.


Jennifer Blaese is known as the Poop Bag Girl, a title given to her by her customers. As a dog mom for over 20 years, Jennifer has spent thousands of hours walking her dogs and picking up poop, an activity which is far from glamorous. In doing so, she found that the poop bag holders on the market are flawed by design, and to her surprise, none of the poop bags that go in them are genuinely biodegradable.

In 2012, she started the business out of her Chicago loft, which inspired the company’s name. She set out to design the ultimate poop bag holder. With the help of her husband and father-in-law, they created the Loop for Poop. Their friends tested the prototypes, and their dogs ensured their products performed.

When they say their products are made with love, they mean it. GreenLine Pet Supply products are sourced in the US and assembled by people who love dogs and care deeply for the environment. They believe in making products with a purpose - from the materials they source to the people they partner with, Jennifer's goal is to do her part and make products pet parents are excited to share with friends.




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- GreenLine Pet Supply poop bags and poop bag holders

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