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Deanna's Dog House - Episode 7 Recap

Episode 7: Deanna's Dog House

In Episode 7 of Covered in Pet Hair, Isabel chats with a person that loves dogs so much, she goes as far as to board them in her own home. Isabel and Deanna Schaar play "No Vacancy" to gauge just what a dog would have to do to never be invited back to the aptly named, Deanna's Dog House. They discuss prerequisites for boarding at Deanna's boutique in-home facility, and how she manages up to 10 dogs plus her own 4, ranging from 1 to 14.5 years of age.

Isabel asks Deanna about her role as founding member of the Texas Pet Sitters Conference, which has now become a registered association catering to the educational needs of pet sitters in Texas and beyond. As an exciting endeavor, the Texas Pet Sitters Association is offering its annual conference at no charge in 2021. The virtual conference, focusing on the "guts, resilience, initiative, and tenacity" it takes to survive a pandemic that has all but shut down the pet sitting industry, is open to pet professionals in all areas of the industry and anywhere in the world in the hopes that these same attendees will attend in person in the future.


Deanna Schaar of the San Antonio, Texas area operates two pet care businesses - Passion Fur Pets, which offers in-home pet care and Deanna's Dog House, where Deanna takes dogs into her home for a safe and enjoyable alternative to traditional boarding.

Deanna was born and raised in Port Neches, Texas, a small town in southeast Texas. She and her dogs moved to San Antonio in 2002. She has a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree in Accounting, a Senior Professional in Human Resources certification and more than 20 years of corporate experience.

Deanna has always had pets as she was growing up. From dogs, to cats, to guinea pigs, she was always the one in the household responsible for any pet (meaning she would feed, water, bathe and care for them). She also has a passion for helping rescue dogs find homes and is the kind of person that if she sees a stray dog or cat, she will do whatever she can to find the stray a place to call home. Deanna is a volunteer for CARE, a dog rescue organization, and has experience fostering dogs.

Deanna is a health-conscious fitness fanatic and serves as the Secretary to the Texas Pet Sitters Association.

Deanna's Favorite Things

Deanna is a huge fan of Wondercide, a non-toxic flea and tick prevention and treatment that was created in Austin and is safe for pets and humans of all ages.

To learn more about Wondercide click here:

Please note that the link listed above is an affiliate link. Affiliate links allow the show to earn a small commission when you click and buy from the link - at no cost to you.


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