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20 Years & Counting - episode 18 recap

Episode 18 - Covered in Pet Hair: 20 Years & Counting

Drinking game word: edible

Best friends and self-described "Modern Cat Ladies," Rita Reimers and Linda Hall, share the story of how they became BFFs and play a little game called 123 BFF, which was inspired by a Seventeen Magazine bestie quiz. As cat moms to over 30 rescue cats combined and with over 30+ years of experience as pet parents and pet professionals, Rita and Linda, know their stuff.

These crazy-fun cat ladies tell it like it is, how they met on a Richard Simmons Cruise to Lose, how they came to work together, and what they think about all things cat training. Isabel asks about their podcast, 19 Cats & Counting, Rita talks about her television aspirations, and Linda recalls that time she made Mel Gibson cry in the movie What Women Want.


Rita and Linda are both cat behavior experts and enthusiasts. Rita has been helping families work with their cats for decades as Cat Behavior Expert and Multi Cat Specialist while Linda, who is currently working on becoming an official cat trainer herself, has been at Rita's side helping her run her pet care business and online consulting and mentoring community as Executive Director at Rita Reimers Inc,





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