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episode 1: Woo-Woo Would You?

On Episode 1, Isabel & world renowned Animal Communicator, Tim Link, discuss the many unconventional yet effective care options available for pets, their health, and their psyche. From prosthetic testicular implants, to manifesting the perfect pet, and interrupting a cat's intimate moment, this show is jam-packed with unexpected expert insights that all pet parents can enjoy, plus the story of how Tim helped Isabel a few years back.

episode 2: In Love & Cats

Newlywed cat experts, John and Jess Bartlett, give Isabel a detailed rundown of their lives raising 9 cats of their own while fostering mama cats and kittens for the world to see. These two cat lovers have a ton on their plate but their passion for cats and educating cat people knows no bounds. Together, John and Jess are making the world a better place, 24 cat trees and 11 litter boxes at a time.

episode 3: Raw, Raw, Right

Raw feeding expert, Scott J. Marshall II, gives Isabel a lesson on the misconceptions, certifications, and best practices associated with feeding dogs fresh, raw foods. In this episode, we get into that one time Scott almost burned down his mom's house, what he feeds his dogs, and how he wishes he had more freezer space, or less, depending on the day. Isabel asks about the logistics of meal prep, sourcing, and expenses associated with raw feeding.

episode 4: Bye, 2020!

Former pet industry entrepreneur turned business coach, Lauren Heath, chats with Isabel about how Covid-19 obliterated her small pet care business in 2020, how she accepted the inevitable shift, and what she has planned for 2021. Passionate about encouraging pet parents and business owners alike, Lauren is excited for the new year. She and Isabel toast to what's to come and emphatically say "BYE, 2020!"

NAPPS President and @Just_a_Chicago_Girl, Jessica Abernathy, talks about the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters' 2021 Business of the Year award, celebrates the pet sitting industry's resilience during Covid-19, and tells us how her cat earned a very unexpected moniker. She describes her kitten rescue efforts and her knack of giving her fosters terrible names, which, at least in this one case, stuck permanently. 

episode 6: Witches Brew

In Episode 6, Wendy Van de Poll, international best selling author, intuitive, and pet lover shares her life as an author with Isabel. Her hard work has resulted in 23 books currently in publication across multiple genres, including pet loss and grief, entrepreneurship, and cozy mysteries for budding witches. With the help of her familiar, Miss Addie Pants, Wendy also discussed the many ways in which she helps aspiring authors take their stories from dream to reality. 

episode 7: Deanna's Dog House

In Episode 7 of Covered in Pet Hair, Isabel chats with a person that loves dogs so much, she goes as far as to board them in her own home. Isabel and Deanna Schaar play "No Vacancy" to gauge just what a dog would have to do to never be invited back to the aptly named, Deanna's Dog House. They discuss prerequisites for boarding at Deanna's boutique in-home facility, and how she manages up to 10 dogs plus her own 4, ranging from 1 to 14.5 years of age.

episode 8: Dog Minded

In Episode 8, Isabel interviews her dear friend and former business partner, Beth Wherry Acker. Since they decided to close down their in-home pet care business, The Wag Pack, Beth and Isabel have both been busy reinventing themselves in the pet care industry. Isabel launched Covered in Pet Hair and Beth launched Dog Minded Training, where she works with dogs and their families one-on-one, board dogs in her home, and even offers board-and-train and doggie day care training options.

episode 9: The Funky Bunch

In Episode 9, Isabel interviews a pet sitting, podcasting couple of parents, Collin and Meghan Funkhouser. These busy entrepreneurs sip sweet tea as they tell Isabel what it's like to raise humans while pet sitting, boarding dogs, and podcasting, how they got started in the pet care industry, and why Meghan wasn't impressed with the music Collin chose for their podcast. Between laughs, Isabel plays "Good, Bad, Helicopter" with these two expert pet and human parents. 

episode 10: Tipsy in Texas

Married & running a pet sitting business together, Jessica & Chris Milam of Fur Services Fur Pets in Dallas, Texas bomb Isabel's movie-themed trivia game even though they like to call themselves movie buffs. Thank goodness it's not a drinking game cuz they would have run out of drinks 9 minutes into the interview. In preparation for the upcoming Valentine's Day holiday, Isabel asks these co-working love birds to open up about their life, love, pets, and business.

episode 11: Wash & Wear

In episode 11, Wash & Wear, Isabel interviews Brigette Cox of Classy Canine Daycare in Dallas, Texas. Being the first groomer to appear on Covered in Pet Hair, Isabel had a ton of questions for Brigette. Isabel and Brigette play This vs. That in which Isabel asks Brigette to choose between two fancy breeds, noting which is more difficult to groom and why. Brigette also gives Isabel tips on how pet parents can show their pets' coats, skin, and nails love between grooming appointments.

episode 12: Doggie Deeva

On Episode 12, Doggie Deeva, Dee Hoult (see what she did there?!) chats with Isabel about all the ways training thousands upon thousands of dogs over more than a decade prepared her to parent her now three-year-old human, Jack. She plays "Dog vs. Kid," telling Isabel who takes longer to train in common behaviors like potty training and inside voices. She also plays "Right Fit" and discusses how she helps families choose the perfect rescue or shelter pet through her Family Pet Selection services.

episode 13: Poop & Plastic

In Episode 13, Poop & Plastic, Isabel interviews the self-appointed Poop Bag Girl, a woman that set out to make better poop bags and one-of-a-kind poop bag holders. A true expert in all things poop and plastic, Jennifer Blaese owns GreenLine Pet Supply. Jennifer and Isabel have a lot in common including their love of animals, concern for the environment, and penchant for discussing poop, an unavoidable topic in the pet care industry. They even play "Never Have I Ever, Poop Edition."

episode 14: Vampire's Best Friend

In episode 14, Isabel interviews Tim Mitchum, President of WINPRO Pet, makers of blood protein supplement chews for dogs. Always a fan of a theme, Isabel invites Tim to play "Vampire Lies" while sipping a blood orange Flybird margarita. Tim enjoys a glass of Scout and Cellar Zinfandel while wondering if vampires really exist and what he's gotten himself into. The discussion centers around the simple yet fascinating science behind the health benefits of pig's blood protein for dogs.

ep 15: Emotional Support Animal Conundrum

In Episode 15, Abby and Isabel dive into the emotional support animal conundrum. Abby hates the term "emotional support animal" and explains that it's not only a misnomer, but has also become a punchline. She insists that the term for animals that do not qualify as "service animals" is "assistance animals" and she coined the term Animal Accommodation Law to ensure that companies, government entities, and people with assistance animals can work together to accommodate these important animals.

episode 16: The Healing Vet

In Episode 16, Isabel asks Dr. Edward Bassingthwaighte, a holistic veterinarian based out of Melbourne, Australia about his uses of natural medicine and alternative approaches to treat his patients. Dr. Edward founded and teaches a healing modality known as Whole Energy Balance Bodywork that benefits dogs, cats, small mammals, chickens, reptiles, you name it. She asks for tips on how to keep our pets healthy long term and any additional support we can give our senior pets.

episode 17: Wedding Bells & Barking

Jenorise Mejia, Founder and Owner of Winter Park Pet Concierge in Florida, has a background in wedding planning and, in addition to managing her pet sitting/dog walking business, works as a wedding pet attendant, helping couples make their dream of involving their dogs in their special day a pleasant and memorable reality. Jenorise describes the role of a wedding pet attendant and shares scenarios that couples should consider before choosing a venue and a pet-related tradition for their wedding day.

episode 18: Twenty Years & Counting

Best friends and self-described "Modern Cat Ladies," Rita Reimers and Linda Hall, share the story of how they became BFFs and play a little game called 123 BFF, which was inspired by a Seventeen Magazine bestie quiz. As cat moms to over 30 rescue cats combined and with over 30-years of experience as a pet parents and professionals, Rita and Linda, know their stuff. These crazy fun cat ladies tell it like it is, how they met on a Richard Simmons Cruise to Lose, how they came to work together, and what they think about all things cat training. Episode drops 4/5

episode 19: Rottweiler, with a V

Rottweilers are strong, beautiful dogs. They have many fans, including Will Smith and his famous family. In the effort to learn more about this fascinating dog breed, Isabel had the pleasure of interviewing an avid Rottie enthusiast, German-born Judy C. Taylor of Bossy Paws in Chicago. They enjoyed German-inspired drinks while discussing all things raising, training, and loving Rottweilers, the W pronounced with a V in German. Judy and Isabel play Fun Facts - Rottie Edition and Judy gets a solid A+. She definitely knows and loves this breed.

episode 20: Clubhousing!

In Episode 20, Isabel interviews pet enthusiast and herbal pet supplement creator, Michael Habicht. Michael has become the go-to guy on the new social media platform and app, Clubhouse. He hosts over 20 rooms each week and covers a wide range of important, relevant, and on-trend pet-related topics. Among other things, Isabel asks Michael to play "Clubhousing" and list all the topics his Clubhouse rooms have covered. He and Isabel both think pet parents should join the app to educate themselves and improve their lives of their pets. 

other awesome guests

episode 21: Chrisine Ciana Calabrese, What About the Dog?

episode 22: Amy Toman, Pet Sitter SEO

episode 23: Nicole Packin, Miami Pet Concierge

episode 24: Ashley Nichole, Viva la Pet

episode 25: Jaron Lukas, YumWoof Natural Pet Food

episode 26: Kelly Forde, Mobile Dog Groomer

episode 27: Malena DeMartini,

episode 29: Beth Bowers, Dog Trainer

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