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Holiday Gift Guide For Pets & Their Families

It's that time of year again! Your loved one may have recently adopted a dog, your neighbor may have acquired another cat, and you're wondering what in the world to get them. We all have pet lovers in our lives. Purchasing something pet-related for them or, even better, giving them a gift for their pet, is a great way to show you care. My updated Holiday Gift Guide For Pets & Their Families list isn't just for others, however. Take a look and see if you and/or your pets might want to add some of these items to your holiday wish list...

A Little Background

I had the pleasure of attending SuperZoo in 2022 and 2023. Between the many vendors I met there, and others that have been guests on my show, I have compiled this fantastic and user-friendly list of holiday gift ideas. I have personally used these brands and their products. In fact, most of these products are used daily at Casa Arata! Having worked in the pet care industry for over 15 years now, I have a keen sense of what works and what doesn't.

I've separated this list by the recipient - not by species - therefore please take a look at the product before purchasing to ensure that it's species-appropriate.

Please note that some of the links provided are affiliate links. Please use them when purchasing to support my channel. These links will not affect your pricing but help me earn a small commission from my recommendations. Thank you!

Gifts for All Pets & Their Families

cat toys gift

It often feels like dogs have all the fun but that doesn't have to be the case. The Two Crazy Cat Ladies' website is a great place to start when shopping for cat lovers. Their organic coconut-based cat toys are as beautiful as they are functional. These specialty cat toys are a much safer option than the bulk-manufactured cat toys you'd find at major retailers because these are dye-free and naturally antimicrobial. They also have a line of natural cat supplements that work exceptionally well for varying concerns.

Don't forget the catnip! The Two Crazy Cat Ladies have catnip toys and mini pillows with their faces on them (LOL!) to get cats extra excited (or relaxed) at your holiday gatherings. Kitty crack anyone?!

Please consider using my affiliate link when making your purchase from The Two Crazy Cat Ladies' Healthy Cat Shop.

cat and dog gifts

Cats and dogs alike will love my next gift idea: the Mine Pet Platter, which is recommended by many holistic vets and pet care experts. It's attractive, affordable, and the best way to feed our pets. The creators of the Mine Pet Platter, Carol and her late husband, Bob, did extensive research on the healthiest and most species-appropriate way for dogs and cats to eat. After years of research, they ditched the bowl and designed species-specific platters that naturally slow our pets down when eating, stimulate digestion, encourage self-selection, and come in colors that are specifically chosen with our pets' eyesight in mind. Click here to learn more about the many features of these innovative feeding platters.

best gifts for dogs

Feeding toys are all the rage and you can never have too many. From snuffle mats to lick mats and enrichment toys and puzzles, it's easy to get a really fun gift for pets these days. Some are made for cats, some are designed for dogs, and some can be used for both species.

When considering your options, my recommendation is to ensure the quality of the product. Keep in mind that the pets using these mats and toys will be ingesting food and treats from them therefore they should be made of food-safe materials and, when possible, made in the USA where we have better quality controls than many countries abroad. West Paw makes the Rumble® treat toy, pictured above, which is a very good food and toy dispensing option.

best gift for dog lovers

Speaking up family-friendly pet gifts, West Paw recently released The Dog's Best Friend Game, which would make a fantastic gift for the whole family. The toy, which is meant for humans and dogs alike, was created by pet behavioralists, seasoned pet experts, and game design pros. It was designed with built-in breaks to balance fun and shorter canine attention spans.

treats for dogs

My pets' favorite treats always make a great gift. I keep extra bags on-hand for hostess gifts and neighbors whose dogs I know personally. For the healthiest and highest quality on the market, opt for Bear's Bites organ meat treats. These single-ingredient treats are safe for cats and dogs, are made with the best grass-fed and finished meats, and pack a punch of nutrient-rich tastiness. These types of treats, like the freeze-dried chicken hearts, are a favorite around here. My cat and dog both go crazy over them! And, as gross as they may look in this photo, they don't smell and aren't messy IRL because they are freeze-dried and packaged to last a long time.

Operation Good Boy makes veterinarian and dog-approved treats that are a fantastic conversation starter. Their military-inspired treat pouches are the perfect gift for the military aficionados and dog lovers in your life. Plus, when purchasing from both these companies, you'll be supporting animal welfare and families with pets. Operation Good Boy donates to various military working dog organizations. How cool is that?! Watch my interview with Tom Aiello of OGB here.

Gifts for Messy Pets & Their Families

Most young pets, especially dogs, take some time to learn appropriate potty behaviors. They also can "forget" these behaviors as they age. For this reason, the most practical gift you can give a family with young pets, those that have an incontinent pet, or those that just love a spotless home is a bundle from Sprinkle & Sweep. Sprinkle & Sweep's accident clean-up is a fantastic tool to manage pet messes - pee, poop, vomit, you name it - quickly and hygienically. Just sprinkle their magic powder on the mess, sweep it to solidify, and pick it up with their specially designed dustpan and brush. If the budget allows, throw in a bottle of Sprinkle & Sweep's Pet Stain and Odor Remover. It smells lovely and deep cleans a mess without much work from the humans. I used it daily with my old man, Titan, before he went to the Rainbow Bridge.

pet gifts

I'm not usually super into trendy grooming products but a grooming glove has made combing our Border Collie mix, Caera, easier. Thanks to our grooming glove, I groom her more often, which helps keep my floors clean. My husband uses a brush when he does a deeper groom but I like a glove for a bonding session that has the built-in benefit of deshedding. Caera seems to be less apprehensive around the glove too. Cats also love grooming gloves. For cats and dogs alike, always introduce new tools carefully and use positive association, aka treats.

Speaking of maintaining a gorgeous home when 'covered in pet hair,' ZeLo is an innovative lint roller-type tool that was specifically designed for pet parents. It works on soft and hard surfaces, is affordable yet very well-made, and makes quick clean-up a breeze. It can be used on furniture, floors, clothing, you name it. And, it comes with a short or long handle. The long-handle version is excellent for those with disabilities, those that need the tool to reach high places like curtains, and those that want to reach under beds and couches. The short-handle version is more portable and a great tool to keep anywhere. You can learn more about this awesome product and how it came to be in my interview with the product designer and Sr. Marketing Manager of Nitto Americas, Virginia Mott.

Gifts for Adventuring Pets & Their Families

Many families enjoy bringing their cats and dogs along on their adventures. For these particular families, a tool or treat that will enhance their experience will be well-received and practical.

PawPower Dawg Butter Peanut Butter has a full dose of high-quality supplements that will boost a dog's energy before or after a long walk, hike, or trip to the beach. Because PawPower small-batches its products, you can be sure the gift you give your loved ones will always be fresh and specially made for their beloved dogs. For about $20 you can give a bundle that includes a jar of dog-safe PB and a lick mat, which is fantastic for post-adventure downtime at home or in the car. The following video outlines some ways dog lovers can use Dawg Butter outside of adventures; watch the full interview with Paw Power's Founders here:

gifts for pets

The Springer Pets Travel Water Bottle was featured on SharkTank. The design blew my mind because it's so simple yet so brilliant. Their Travel Bottle was designed for pets to drink from the built-in bowl without wasting a drop. You simply squeeze the bottle so the water fills the bowl. When you release your squeeze, the excess water drains back into the bottle and is ready for the next water break. This cool water bottle is leak-proof and includes a carabiner to clip onto belt loops, leashes, bags, etc. It comes in bright, beautiful colors and two sizes. While it's designed for dogs, there's no reason why cats wouldn't benefit from this one-the-go water fountain. We used it during our Spring 2023 road trip and it was fantastic, even as an extra water source in our hotel room.

gifts for cats

For hopeful cat adventurists, the following memberships would be a great way to get a cat lover started on clicker and harness training their cats: Cat School and KittyCatGo™ Adventures. If you prefer to give a physical gift instead of a membership, Cat School offers a few training packages that would make excellent gifts. They also sell a harness and leash set that comes highly recommended by cat pros. KittyCatGo™ Adventures also has an online shop with lots of goodies for both pets and humans to choose from. I particularly like their BioThane™ leashes. They are great for messy trails because they can easily be wiped clean after adventures.

gifts for dog lovers

What's an adventure without poop bags and a way to manage them?! For those that have it all, consider purchasing a box of biodegradable - not greenwashed but truly designed to biodegrade in landfill environments - and a one-of-a-kind Banner Poop Bag Holder from Greenline Pet Supply. Green Line's banner poop bag holders are upcycled from the banners you see at music festivals and farmer's markets. The owner, Jennifer, salvages the banners before they are discarded, washes them, then makes them into one-of-a-kind, durable, and practical poop bag holders. For boozy pet lovers like me, check out her recent collection made with a Lollapalooza Tito's Vodka - the dog lover's vodka - banner bag. Imagine a bottle of Tito's Vodka with a poop bag holder wrapped around it, how unique would that be? Use code PETHAIR20 for 20% off your Greenline purchase through the end of 2023.

I'm imagining how happy I would be to receive a holiday gift box with tissue paper, poop bags, and a fancy poop bag holder. I'd love it! And, you can make it extra special by adding a Doo Loop hands-free poop bag tool that holds your poop full poop bags until you find your way to a trashcan.

Gifts for Adult and Senior Pets & Their Families

This gift is a bit of a splurge but it's a great investment: a Big Barker Dog Bed comes with a clinically proven ability to help dogs age gracefully by supporting their joints while they sleep. Big Barker Beds have a multi-layer foam insert, high-quality washable cover, and look like furniture, made to match every aesthetic. They also boast a 10-year warranty therefore they truly are the gift that keeps on giving. If you're looking for a gift that wows your friends and family this year, consider this awesome addition to their home and dogs' health. Check out my chat with Big Barker's Marketing Coordinator, Amanda Friemann to learn more about what makes these beds so special. Their beds are designed for dogs but can benefit cats just as well. They have a smaller, thinner version that would be a great addition to a cat-friendly household. Hack: take a look at the crate pad because it would make an excellent bed for pets that are used to mainstream bed sizes and thicknesses. The Barker Junior is as good for cats as it is for smaller dogs.

While healthy and active, adult pets greatly benefit from preventive measures that will carry them into their senior years. Senior pets need all the help they can get as oxidative stress, injuries, and illness are more likely to have a greater impact on their quality of life as they age. For this reason, I have my dog on WINPRO® Pet's plasma-powered supplement chews. Made from high-quality porcine blood plasma, which is normally a waste product of the animal agriculture industry, WINPRO®'s supplement chews are anti-inflammatory and backed by various studies. We use the Hip and Joint and Calm supplement for Caera, but they also have a very popular allergy formula, which I believe is their best seller. They are the perfect gift because they are what I call 'stinky chews' - all of our dogs have loved the flavor and texture of these supplements. Watch my interview with Winpro's CEO here to learn more about these awesome products.

Gifts for Special Needs Pets & Their Families

Noise-Phobic Pets

How do you know your loved one's pet is noise-phobic? You've probably heard them complaining about the effect fireworks, thunder, and noisy neighbors have on their pets and, subsequently, their lives. Noise phobia in cats and dogs is quite common and can significantly affect the pet and its family. For this reason, a gift to help the pet calm down during a noisy storm, holiday, etc. is the perfect gift right before New Year's celebrations. If you're the caregiver to a noise-phobic pet, you know exactly what I mean.

best cbd for dogs

CBD Dog Health makes fantastic CBD tinctures that are blended with pet-safe and species-appropriate essential oils. Their CALM Tincture is perfect for sensitive pets that need help relaxing, especially when around common triggers like noise. Both the cat and dog CALM tinctures are blended with lavender essential oil and are made with organic full spectrum Hemp Extract specifically dosed to meet each species' needs.

Please don't buy just any CBD treat or tincture, especially online, because CBD is unregulated and quality varies immensely from one brand to another.

Learn more about the importance of full spectrum CBD products, how to vet your CBD purchases for both humans and pets, and what makes this particular brand so special by checking out my insightful and entertaining interview with Angela herself. Please consider using my affiliate link when purchasing.

Sick & Geriatric Pets

Senior and sick pets have special care requirements that are different from those of healthy adult animals. Pet parents of older and/or sick pets are likely spending a lot of money on their care and could use a loving hand this holiday season. We want to try all the things we hear about that might help our pets but it's usually impossible to invest that kind of money into our pets' quality of life. If I had to narrow down the best products for a geriatric or ill pet, I'd recommend giving one or two of the following products:

Heal CBD Tincture from CBD Dog Health is a must for sick pets. Again, this brand blends organic full-spectrum CBD oil with healing additions specific to the problem pet lovers are hoping to address. This particular formula, made with hemp seed and MCT oils, is recommended for pets with cancer, autoimmune diseases, degenerative diseases (like Titan's), and more. The full-spectrum CBD is key to addressing health concerns, as my guest, Angela Ardolino explains in our interview. They make a version for cats and one for dogs, as well as another for horses. With Angela's encouragement, I tried this tincture myself because it's made with human-grade ingredients. I was impressed with how nurturing it felt and how quickly it worked. I will note that I didn't feel in any way "high," just relaxed. There is no THC in these products because pets have plenty of receptors and don't need THC to reap the many benefits of CBD. THC is what normally gives the "high" feeling that many people fear when considering CBD products. Again, these products don't have THC. Please consider using my affiliate link when purchasing from CBD Dog Health.

I met Colin of AlchemyPet at SuperZoo in 2022 and was very impressed with his line of targeted dog-specific adaptogen blends. From a formula specific for eye health and general well-being (where was this when Radar was still alive?!), one for mobility, another for calming, and more, they focus their efforts on sourcing the best possible human-grade ingredients and avoiding harmful fillers and preservatives. Their products have a 'naturally derived advanced delivery system' made of algae, which makes the vitamins and minerals in their products more bioavailable than most other similar products on the market. We have been using Mobilize and Rest and Restore since last year and saw a great improvement in our late Titan's energy levels and demeanor. Caera still takes these daily.

For cat people who want cat-specific products vetted by cat-crazed experts, consider visiting The Two Crazy Cat Ladies' online shop. The Two Crazy Cat Ladies, Jae & Adrienne, are the forces behind Feline Essential, a line of natural cat-specific products designed to help cats live longer, healthier lives. Their CATalyst product is said to work wonders for overall cat health by reducing free radicals in the body and optimizing organ function. I used their Oxy-Cat tincture with my cat, Van Gogh, when he was fighting off ringworm and it worked like a charm! They also offer a urinary health-specific formula for cats that suffer from chronic UTIs, calming tinctures, and more. I like their Symptom Checker, which is, of course, not meant to replace veterinary advice, but aims to work holistically alongside veterinary treatments. Start your shopping via my affiliate link to support my channel.

Gifts of Knowledge for [Boozy] Pet Lovers

With prices rising and people struggling to make ends meet, remember that it's always the thought that counts. Don't go into debt to give others a gift, no matter how cool it might be or how much you might want to. Instead, consider exchanging pet care, pet tips, or pet resources with loved ones.

If your friends aren't as informed about pet pros and experts to follow, share some of the above brands with them. Help them learn all about their cats and/or dogs by encouraging them to subscribe to my Youtube Channel, and follow me on Instagram and Facebook. I consider myself a pet lifestyle guru and curator. I love to share all of my favorite pet things with you and yours.

Finally, consider purchasing merch for your favorite BOOZY PET LOVERS here.

I hope you and your families, human and otherwise, have a wonderful holiday season. I'll see you in 2024 for more awesome guests, interviews, adult beverages, and pet-related content. Raise your drink to a life 'covered in pet hair', cuz there's no better way to live! Cheers!!! <3


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