Raw, Raw, RIGHT! - Episode 3 Recap

Episode 3 - Raw, Raw, RIGHT!

In Episode 3, raw feeding expert, Scott J. Marshall II, gives me a lesson on the misconceptions, certifications, and best practices associated with feeding dogs fresh, raw foods. In this episode, we get into that one time Scott almost burned down his mom's house, what he feeds his dogs, and how he wishes he had more freezer space, or less, depending on the day.

I ask about the logistics of meal prep, sourcing, and expenses associated with raw feeding. Scott is a true expert and makes a great guest. His dedication to his craft shines bright.

Scott is the Certified Raw Dog Food Nutrition Specialist behind the Raw Feeding 101 website and Facebook group, offering raw feeding pet parents guidance and mentoring through one-on-one consultations, personalized meal plans, bootcamps, and more. He is also the author of ​Raw Feeding 101: Beginners Raw Feeding Guide​. Scott lives in Utah with his wife Arianne and their two dogs Wolken and Montu.

To learn more about Scott, visit www.RawFeeding101.com and visit his YouTube channel @rawfeeding101.

Some of Scott's Favorite Things:

For Dogs

Winpro All-Natural Blood Protein Supplements

For Humans

How Dogs Work, book by Raymond Coppinger and Mark Feinstein

Crown Royal & Crown Royal XP

Scott recommends this article by Perfectly Rawsome for those that want to add fresh foods to their dogs' kibble.

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